Executive High Roller Plays

At MC Sports, we release two different types of plays.  Regular Action plays and Executive High Roller Plays.  Regular Action plays we recommend wager 2-3 units per game while the Executive High Roller plays we suggest 8-10 units per game.  Whatever unit per game you decide to go with, keep it consistent.  For example, most clients bet to win 2 units on all Regular Action plays and bet to win 10 units on Executive High Roller plays.  For example, if you have a $10,000 bankroll, always bet to win $200 on regular and bet to win $1000 on Executive High Roller plays.  To become successful in this business it is imperative that you follow this strict money management plan.  While we are putting the odds in your favor, there is no such thing as a “lock”. Do not risk more than the units as suggested above.  Follow our plan and picks and you will become a winner!

Executive High Roller Plays are the top plays we release.  These are the plays heavy hitters and big money players are playing.  These games are mostly ATS and over/under games.  We don’t take big money line favorites as other handicappers do.  Typically on average, we only release 3-5 of these plays a week.  We don’t chase big games.  We use a number of resources and techniques to uncover these plays including, handicapping expertise, stats, knowledge, contacts, betting trends, and information the general public doesn’t have the time to uncover.  

We suggest playing both our Regular Action Plays and Executive High Roller Plays to maximize your profits in this ever changing industry.  With that said, welcome to MC Sports Service and feel free to contact with any questions. 

MC Sports Service 

Marc Craun 

Founder and CEO


$250 A PICK

ONE YEAR $25,000


“I can’t say enough about Mc sports service. Winner after winner.”

– Sonny M.

Thanks Marc and Mc Sports, keep up the good work!”

-Keith J.

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